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Fancy Fruits

Slot come Fancy Fruits

Discover the world of Cheeky Fruits

The popularity of slot games is unabated since time immemorial. The free online versions of this type of gaming are very popular. The online slot game Fancy Fruits is no exception. Fancy Fruits takes you into the world of cheeky fruits. Let the reels roll and wait and see what symbols await. If these turn up in the correct constellation, you can win a lot of points. But beware: If you are taking too high of a risk, you can of course lose everything. The good news: You can determine both the bet and the number of paylines yourself. Embark on a search for juicy profits with the help of Fancy Fruits...

What is Fancy Fruits and how do you play this game?

Fancy Fruits is a so-called slot game, which consists of five reels with four symbols each. However, before the reels can start moving, you must first determine the bet. You will be playing with a total of five paylines. You can now decide how many points you want to bet on these paylines. The MinBet is 250 Chips while the MaxBet is 12 500 Chips. If you now multiply the bet with the number of lines, you get the total bet, with which you will play. You can place your bet by simply using the plus and minus signs at the bottom left of the game window. If you are sure that you want to play with the highest bet from the beginning, you can of course also click on the "Max Bet" button on the left side. Thus, the maximum bet is played automatically. Next to it, you will find the “Auto” button. If you activate this function, you do not have to press the start button for every single game. Otherwise, you can get started by clicking on the start button...

How do you win at Fancy Fruits?

After the reels have started moving, the symbols must be located on one of the paylines in a particular constellation. If this is the case, you will reap a profit. Of course, it is also possible to win on multiple lines at once. The sum of the points of course increases correspondingly. Once you have hit any of the paylines, the points won are displayed at the bottom of the game window. In the case of a win, you now have two options: Either you ask for the original amount to be credited to your account, or you take an even greater risk in order to increase your profit. For this, you have to press the risk button that glows in the event of a win. With the help of this risk menu, you can now "gamble" in several ways. Playing cards are the basis for this. You may - as in roulette - now decide whether the color of the card will be red or black. If your forecast is correct, you will double your winnings. If you are wrong, the entire gain is lost! In the case of some of the other risk options, you can even quadruple your winnings. For this, you have to predict the correct card icon (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds), however. Yet, here too, the following is true: If you are wrong, you will lose the points earned. For both methods, you can risk your winnings a total of five times.

The symbols in Fancy Fruits

  • The Melon
  • The Plum
  • The Cherry
  • The Grapes
  • The Lemon
  • The Orange
  • The Number 7

Slot Machine that is a Lot of Fun

With the help of Fancy Fruits, you will surely have fun for a while. It is one of the simpler slot games, which does not mean that the fun factor is not at least as large as in the case of other games. Also make sure that Fancy Fruits earns you as many points as possible in the right constellation.